Monday, 7 April 2014

7 wonders of my world

In the future I would really like to go travelling and I am sure many of you would like to too! I intend on visiting some of the many wonders of the world and I thought you may like to look into them too!

 1) Aurora
File:Polarlicht 2.jpg
More commonly known as the Northern Nights, and one of the 'Natural wonders of the world'. I would love to see it because it genuinely looks AMAZING.

2) The Great Pyramids
These are one of the 'wonders of the ancient world' and I reckon they would be stunning to view.

3) The great wall of China
File:The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling.jpg
One of the current 'wonders of the world' and I genuinely would love to visit!

4) The Leaning Tower of Pisa

How cool would it be to visit Italy! I bet the pizza and the ice cream is fabulous! Pompeii would also be an amazing place to visit!

5) Taj Mahal 
File:Taj Mahal 2012.jpg
This is a dream location to visit. I would love to see the Taj Mahal and try some proper Indian dishes.

6) Grand Canyon
File:Grand canyon hermits rest 2010.JPG
I would not be able to cope if i saw the Grand Canyon because its enormity would shock me loads.

7) Victoria Falls
This is probably one of the most beautiful places to visit ever!

I hope you liked my travel post, its a little different!

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