Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nursery Rhymes

As a child I loved nursery rhymes but of course not all nursery rhymes are the usual childish sort, many have deeper meanings. A few years ago I wrote a short story based on the true meaning of a nursey rhyme so here goes...

A ring a ring o’ roses. What’s wrong with me? Rashes all over my body, big red spots bulging out of my skin, atishoo, atishoo! I can’t stop sneezing. The doctor came in to examine me, but I screamed with terror! He had a huge cone shaped, bird like beak covering his face. He walked slowly to my bed and leant over me and I could smell the aroma of fresh thyme and lavender coming from his mask. The doctor asked me to lift my arms up and he had a look for something, then he turned to my mother and she gasped. I thought it was weird but when I looked down at my armpits, I could see a great big purple blotch erupting out of me. Then I could see bright yellow puss oozing out of the giant spot and the doctor wrapped a cloth around me. I started crying but then he took me outside and led me to a sewer! He told me to sit in it for an hour and then to go back to my bed and see if I feel better in the morning, and then he was gone!

In the morning I woke up and felt much better! The doctor came in, holding a chicken and asked how I was feeling. Then he placed the chicken’s bottom on my spots! I said nothing but squirmed the whole time. Later on the priest came in and I heard him talking to my mother downstairs. Then I could hear him coming up the stairs as the floorboards were creaking and he swung the door open. However when the priest entered, his jolly face turned into a red, scowled angry face. He ran straight down the stairs again and shouted to my mother “The wicked kid has caught the plague!” And I could hear my mother crying. When she came upstairs her eyes were swollen and her face was red. Mother gave me a pocket full of posies to sleep with to make me better. She rocked me to sleep…

I woke with a sudden thud at the door and I heard mother answer. I crept halfway down the stairs and saw some of the locals painting a red cross on the front of the door and the doctor talking to mother. The floorboards creaked, mother turned and came up to see me. She sent me to my bed straight away and when I asked what was happening she told me not to worry. Before I went to bed mother asked me how I was feeling and I explained I felt much, much better and that tomorrow I wanted to go outside and play with the other children. Mother replied “Maybe” and kissed me on the forehead…

The next day when she woke, the girl sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. Her feeling better had given false hope. Atishoo, atishoo we all fall down…………………………

She died…

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

7 more wonders of my world

More of my bucket list places to travel to of which are all wonders of the world!

1) Great Barrier Reef
File:Coral Outcrop Flynn Reef.jpg
Its my number one because it just looks such an amazing and surreal place to visit!

2) Amazon Rainforest
File:Amazo CIAT (2).jpg
Just looks cool!

3) Komodo Island
File:Komodo Island north aerial.jpg
This is where the komodo dragons live and i would love love love to visit.

4) Golden Gate Bridge
When i was younger i always used to watch Charmed and this featured in it loads and it just really made me want to visit!

5) Empire State Building
File:Empire State Building by David Shankbone.jpg
Really want to visit NY and see this!

6) Rio de Janeiro 
File:Montagem RJ.jpg
Always wanted to visit here and it just looks soooooo cool! I also will hopefully be able to speak Spanish by then.

7) Puerto Princesa Suterranean River National Park
File:Puerto Princesa Underground River.jpg
This cave looks so cool to visit!

Hope you liked my quick but cool post!

Thursday, 1 May 2014



With it recently being Easter, I went on a little trip to Bath. I had a lovely time there and thought I would share my top places to visit if you happen to go to Bath in the future, or perhaps you will feel tempted to visit from reading this post.

1) The Roman  Bath’s Museum.
This is probably the main reason I came to Bath. I love history and discovering the baths used by the Romans was really interesting. As you enter the museum you find out all about how it was excavated to which baths the Romans used for which purposes – you can even try the water from the fresh thermal springs! A must see location.



2) Bath Abbey.
The abbey is really quite the same as many others however, although I take part in this, you could go on a tour around it or go up the tower to get a city view of bath. Situated next to the Roman Bath museum this was a great place to visit however it was quite expensive at about £5 per adult just to enter the building (but this money would be spent on maintenance).


3) The Royal Crescent and The Circus.
Although they may just seem like a bunch of buildings (which they are), the circus and the royal crescent are popular sights to see in Bath because they represent bath life and typical Jane Austen era houses.



4) Pultney Bridge.
A really pretty bridge which overlooks Bath river. The bridge has shops and cafés on top of it which makes it a great place to go to. I went in one of the coffee shops and sat next to one of the windows overlooking the river – it was really peaceful and relaxing.



5) Thermae Bath Spa.
Genuinely the best experience ever. Although very pricey, it is definitely worth it, this thermal spa contains 4 floors – one of which overlooks the cityscape of bath as a rooftop pool. Furthermore there are scented steam rooms and other facilities that make the experience amazing. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are to visit bath because the views are really stunning and the baths are super relaxing.

6) Fashion Museum of Bath and Bath Assembly Rooms.
The fashion museum may not be for everyone but it was certainly very interesting. I just enjoyed viewing the different fashions from different eras and noticing that the styles repeat themselves. Furthermore the assemerly rooms are perhaps not that exciting but if you are passing by, its certainly worth taking a little look at the beautiful chandeliers.


7) Bath Balloons.
Again, i didn’t go on a balloon ride myself, however I have heard its a truly beautiful view, especially at sunset – showing the true beauty England can offer!

8) Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol.
Not in bath, but very close by. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is interesting and quite fun to walk over however as you can see the weather wasn’t at its best when i visited.


9) SS Great Britain Bristol.
“A really cool boat”. The SS great Britain is a really exciting and well presented museum. Being able to view the ship as it would have been used and to smell the scents made the museum a really cool experience.



Unfortunately the smells included the scent of sick from this girl. Erlack!

10) The Coffee Shops.
The main culture of Bath was the coffee shops – do not miss out! Bath coffees are especially strong and there were so many little coffee shops and quaint cafés that you cant walk down a single street without being able to pop in and have a coffee and cake.

I hope you enjoyed reading this slightly different post on my short holiday to bath. If you want, let me know in the comments whether you have visited Bath and any places you thought i should have mentioned!