Wednesday, 7 May 2014

7 more wonders of my world

More of my bucket list places to travel to of which are all wonders of the world!

1) Great Barrier Reef
File:Coral Outcrop Flynn Reef.jpg
Its my number one because it just looks such an amazing and surreal place to visit!

2) Amazon Rainforest
File:Amazo CIAT (2).jpg
Just looks cool!

3) Komodo Island
File:Komodo Island north aerial.jpg
This is where the komodo dragons live and i would love love love to visit.

4) Golden Gate Bridge
When i was younger i always used to watch Charmed and this featured in it loads and it just really made me want to visit!

5) Empire State Building
File:Empire State Building by David Shankbone.jpg
Really want to visit NY and see this!

6) Rio de Janeiro 
File:Montagem RJ.jpg
Always wanted to visit here and it just looks soooooo cool! I also will hopefully be able to speak Spanish by then.

7) Puerto Princesa Suterranean River National Park
File:Puerto Princesa Underground River.jpg
This cave looks so cool to visit!

Hope you liked my quick but cool post!

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