Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Current Favourites

Recently I have really been loving a collection of items, but I couldn't think of a suitable post for separate ones, so why not do a favourites post?! These are my favourite items and products at the moment!


This watch was actually a Christmas present however, i am aware that it came from Lisa Angel. I’ve wanted a vintage type watch for so long and this is definitely the nicest one i have seen! I absolutely love it and it’s definitely a great buy! I really love the hands on the watch and the vintage feel along with the studded strap which makes it a little more modern.



This nail varnish was such a good buy! I bought this early last year and I've used it whenever i have had the chance to paint my nails. Its just a really lovely glittery top coat and its definitely worth the money. Moreover, the make 17 is one of my all time favourites as the brush makes it easy to apply and the varnish is always a good consistency as some cheaper makes clog up quickly.



This cute little “Live the life you love” sign was from Sass and belle. Its a shop i am not too familiar with however, when i visited Brighton on holiday last year, I popped in and instantly fell in love with some of their products. Its a shop very similar to Lisa Angel but slightly less popular as I know there aren't many shops around the Uk. However if you do live nearby to one, definitely pop in and take a look!



This has to be my all time favourite pendant necklace! It came from Accessorize, and although it was quite expensive (£10!) I haven't stopped wearing it! Despite the price, it was definitely a good buy because its really pretty and it goes with everything I wear!



These earrings are an extra. I bought these when I went on holiday to Tunisia. The metal is real silver and there were quite expensive however a lot cheaper than they would have been in the UK. I love them and think they are really pretty. Furthermore the hand of fatima is really fashionable and brings good luck! Every little bit of luck helps!


So there you have it. They are my current favourites! Let me know in the comments some of your favourites!

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