Sunday, 23 February 2014

Revision Survival Kit

Seeing as exams are coming up for many of you (and myself), you may be wondering about revision. Therefore, although i can’t do revision for you, i can help make it more exciting! Despite sounding tedious, here are a few things I find handy and helpful when it comes to revision at the same time as making it a little fun!




1) Notebooks!

For me, one way of making revision more exciting or at least a bit more bearable, i use different and pretty designed notebooks. I use these to write lists, fill in my revision timetable or even do work in. Nevertheless, i believe that having nice coloured notebooks helps with revision.

2) Revision Timetable

No revision can be done without a basic plan. A revision timetable is of course, personal to you, however i think its essential to have one in order to know the basis of what you are supposed to be doing; what topic and subject and when. There are many online websites to help you with these and even a few apps, but its definitely a must have!

3) Highlighters

My lifesavers. Highlighters are the best things you can have in your life because they are helpful with everything. Whether you are mind mapping, making notes or just writing a list, highlighters are amazing. The ones i have are really cool as they are double sided, therefore i can underline too and for neat organised people like me, they would be great to use.

4) Coloured Pens

These are great mainly for mind maps because they are ‘brain-friendly’ as a famous teacher of mine once said. The use of different colours and pictures really does stimulate the mind and therefore i definitely recommend investing in some!

5) Sticky tack

No other reason has sticky tack been mentioned except for the use of sticking mind maps and helpful revision posters on the wall. Many people learn well from this because being surrounded in a few key notes can sometimes catch your eye and jog your memory.

6) Paper clips

What would i do without paper clips? I have no idea because i would be nothing without the organisation of paperclips. These are just great for collecting work and pilling up sheets of paper into sections. I grabbed some of my paperclips from Ikea, accessorize and staples.

7) Tipp-ex

This is genuinely handy when writing notes up in neat. Personally i get bothered when not all of my work is neat, so the use of tipp-ex ensures my work looks nice and presentable. Furthermore, i prefer using these tape type tipp-ex because it doesn't smell as much.

8) Ring-binders

Ring binder folders are great for revision, work and organisation in general. For me i have a huge ring binder just for current revision which is great because everything is therefore kept in one place.

9) Food and Drink

No revision survival kit would be a good one without nice treats like food and drink. I love buying milkshakes and little chocolaty snacks, however it is important to eat lots of fruit too, because its good for you! 

10) Music

Of course, music is a great technique for revision. Actually, it has been proven music helps with revision because a tune helps you to remember facts. However this does not work for everyone and side note; music with lyrics does not work!


I hope my little tips helped, feel free to comment and other tips, techniques and items that you find great for revision!

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