Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bucket list: Parascending

Last year i went to the beautiful Tunisia in Africa. It was such a lovely holiday but the best part was going parascending. This was on my bucket list and it was so great to have the opportunity to go. I managed to get a few shots of the experience and hopefully they will encourage you to go too!

view (1)

view (4)

view (3)

view (2)

As you can see, being abroad the sea was so clear you could see all of the multi-coloured seaweed . The view is also outstanding and stunningly beautiful and i loved it. The journey lasted about 5 minutes but obviously it depends where and when you go and how much it costs! I think it is a great thing to do – it definitely gives you a rush without being too intense!


Look there's me! I'm at the front!




I would 100% recommend parascending, it was super fun. Let me know in the comments what you think? Would you consider going parascending?

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