Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lake Adventure

This weekend i went for a walk around a local lake. It was gloomy and dull, but i enjoy going on walks regularly and it was pleasant to get the fresh air.



There were loads of ducks, swans and other birds, which is sad to admit, but i enjoy bird watching!


I managed to snap this picture of my brother jumping. I think it looks pretty cool and a little as if he was jumping into the lake!


This was a bit of an ‘artsy’ shot i took because i was testing out some of my camera modes. Later i will do a post on my new camera i bought and explain whether i would recommend it.

Anyway, i hope you had a good week-end and feel free to comment on any places you would suggest to go to for a walk. Despite the cold weather, it hasn't stop me from my adventure!

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