Friday, 7 March 2014

The Liquid Liner

Although i prefer to use coal or pencil to line my eyes on an everyday basis, i sometimes choose to wear liquid liner.  I find it looks neater and of course more prominent. Also i know that it wont come off during the day, which is where pencil and coal has disadvantages.

Despite occasionally having a little trouble with applying liquid liner, i still manage to do okay. I tend to take it slow and follow the lash line in small steps. I think applying it above the eye looks best however i i only think this because i haven't dared try under. To apply the liner, i hold it like and pencil and lean my hand on my cheek for support allowing me to create a smoother and neater thin line. Take your time when applying it and hold the liner so it is tilted to ensure the line is straight.

My favourite eyeliner so far has been the Soap and Glory Supercatliner because it is basically a felt tip pen. It is simple and super easy to use as it is light and the pen allows you to choose for both thick and thin lines. It also dries very quickly which i find a great advantage as i am always in a rush. I also find that some liquid liners aren't quite black enough, however this one i would definitely recommend because it is dark enough and i love it! 

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