Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ghost Perfume

For my Birthday, I had asked for this ‘Ghost’ Perfume in which I personably is amazing! A friend had recommended it to me a while ago and so I decided to try it in the shop and fell instantly in love!

I have always been sceptical when buying new perfumes because not only do they smell different on different people, but also I never seem to like the after smell of most perfumes. However this is definitely the best perfume I have ever used.
 The Reasons to like this perfume are on-going but firstly, It isn’t too strong when you put it on. Furthermore it has a lovely vanilla musty smell which I absolutely adore and the scent lingers for a very long time, which for me is definitely an advantage! Moreover, the bottle is presented in a very sleek and fashionable style which of course makes the perfume even better and gives a fantastic impression on the perfume! In addition to this, the make of perfume does come in a range of different scents which may appeal more to you but I prefer the original.

On the other hand, it is not a cheap perfume. Therefore the cost is questionable because it all depends on where you buy it from, what size and whether you want a gift set with the body lotion, so the price probably ranges from about £20-£80. 

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