Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Girl On Fire! - Hunger Games Nails

A long time ago, I was asked by my sister to do her nails for her… It turned out I got a little over the top and decided to really go for it! So, I themed her nails as the Girl On Fire like in the Hunger Games. If you like them, here’s how I did it…
Equipment and Materials:
  • Base Coat (Barry M)
  • Sponge
  • Red Nail Polish (17)
  • Orange Nail Polish (Claire's)
  • Yellow Nail Polish (Barry M)
  • Gold Sparkly Varnish (Barry M)
  • Top Coat (Barry M)

This design is probably best on natural long nails. First apply a base coat, then get a sponge (I cut one up from a kitchen sponge) and dab the red nail varnish on the corner of the sponge. Practice on a piece of paper first then sponge the top of the nail, where the cuticle is. Then, put some orange nail varnish on a different corner on the sponge and again practice before sponging in the middle of the nail, slightly overlapping the red to smudge and blend, mixing the colours and making an orange colour in the middle of the nail. Repeat again for the yellow except at the end of the nail, then brush over the nail with one coat of gold sparkly nail varnish and finish with a top coat. Although this takes a while to do due to time taken for the varnish to dry, its worth it because the overall result looks fab! A little tip though: You may get polish on the edges and around your finger so use a cue tip and nail varnish remover to get rid of this.

Let me know if you like the design, and what you think of it!

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