Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Iceland Holiday!

Hey guys!
So basically, a few years ago I went on holiday to Iceland. I was reminiscing about the great times my family and I had and I thought that it was probably one of my favourite holidays I have ever been on just because it was so different!
I was looking through some of the photos, and despite perhaps not being the best quality photos, they were still pretty awesome and I thought that I would share them.
As soon as we arrived, we travelled to our hotel via coach.

We visited the tectonic plates!
And the geezers!
We also managed to get the opportunity to visit the most beautiful waterfalls.
In Reykjavik (the capital) we managed to climb up the huge cathedral and get a view of the whole city! The scene was spectacular, with all of the beautiful coloured roofs and there was even a frozen lake in which people were ice skating!

By the frozen lake, watching the geese swim in the small area of water they had!
We then had the most wonderful experience to go to the Blue Lagoon! I was so excited because, despite it being –4 degrees, the heat of the huge mud bath was about 60 degrees!

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my Iceland holiday photos. I would definitely recommend Iceland to everyone because I had such an amazing time!
Let me know in the comments if this has inspired you to go or if you have any suggestions of places to visit yourself?!

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